Breakfast Club

Selected students meet in the morning for breakfast and engage in conversation and other activities to give them a better sense of belonging to the school.

Drama Club

Students participate after school in preparing for the school musical and drama presentation. Students also learn what it’s like to be “behind the scenes” and the ins and outs of theatre.

Eagle Buddies

Eagle Buddies is a volunteer opportunity that promotes building positive relationships with an emphasis on the inclusion of all people. The goal is to help bridge the social gap between peers with and without special needs and to foster friendships in our school community. Students can expect to have fun and make new friends while strengthening their leadership skills and volunteerism as well as learn about people with different abilities.

Buddies may: greet the students throughout the day, walk with them to/from class, introduce the student to other classmates, help with work, play games, sit with at lunch, walk with during walk and talk, ensure they are included, etc. It will create a climate within the school and community in which individual differences are accepted and celebrated!  

Link Crew

Students volunteer and help the school with big events.  These students also help new students transition to Einstein.

Student Council

Student Council is a club that encompasses many students. It is led by a combined executive board of 7th and 8th graders. There are several committees students can be a part of, which include: community service, pep club, teacher appreciation and events. Throughout the year, student council participates in several community service activities such as a food drive, clothing drive, bell ringing, and much more. There are also full school events that include a Dodgeball tournament, Quiz Bowl, Talent Show and a dance.  Students also participate in leadership building activities comprised of a JAM (Junior and Middle School) conference and a summer leadership camp.  Student Council is open to all students and students can join year-round.

Ski Club

Students have the opportunity to ski with their friends after school on Friday nights.

Weight Lifting Club

Students are able to work on strength and cardiovascular  training after school.


Students meet during the day and work on designing the school yearbook and have the opportunity to stay after school and take pictures of school activities.