Why Einstein Middle School?

Why Einstein?

Einstein's Rest of the Story

All School Sing

All School Sing is a full student body assembly held the first Friday of every month meant to build community and enhance students' feeling of belonging and importance as valued members of the Einstein community.

It is also used to publicly recognize individual achievement (PBIS, etc) and to create time to address issues, events, or themes which are important to our school (eg: diversity, positivity, leadership qualities, setting goals, characteristics of a veteran, safety).

This gathering will help to promote and practice values like respect, responsibility, kindness, citizenship, etc. as a community, to practice gathering responsibly as a large group of people, to come together to create something that is bigger than ourselves which we can all make together (music!) and to celebrate Einstein pride!

With the intended and potential results of:

  • increasing everyone's pride in being part of the Einstein community
  • increasing students' respectful and responsible behavior toward each other and their teachers
  • decreasing the number of behavioral referrals across the board (major and minor)
  • decreasing truancy
  • inspiring students to feel motivated to take better care of our shared school environment/property
  • helping students to feel more connected as a school across grade-levels, teams, specialized classes, etc
  • teaching students the life skill of being part of a community
  • increasing academic motivation, engagement, and achievement
  • starting (or ending) the week/month on a positive note

Veteran’s Day

One of the biggest middle school events in Appleton is Einstein’s tribute to Veterans on November 11 where the entire student body is involved in a variety of activities. The band, orchestra, and choirs play music dedicated to those who served in the armed forces followed by student speeches, describing various acts of honor and courage.

Money is raised through our Vet-a-thon where students take a quiz on military facts and based on how many answers are correct correlate to greater funds collected. These funds are then donated to organizations like The Old Glory Flight or Wounded Warriors Project.  Donations range from $3500-$9000 each year. Students take pride in their work and ask family members or friends who have or are serving in the military to attend.  

Rock’n for Wounded Warriors Project

For the first time, Fox Valley Technical College is cooperating with Einstein Middle School to give students the opportunity to build guitars. Students will use the practical application of math, science, music, and technical skills. It is a hands-on environment to engage students in real-world problem solving, design, skill application, project management, and group cooperation. A group of about thirty students will make six guitars. Students will work in small teams to complete their guitars.

Once these guitars are finished, students will not be taking them home. Instead, the guitars will each have a theme and will be used for fundraising to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. There will be a guitar for each of the five branches of service: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and the Coast Guard. There will also be a special Wounded Warriors guitar.

Last year, our students raised $9,100 for the Honor Flight. These guitars will be unveiled on Veterans Day during Einstein’s 11th annual Veterans Day program. 

In addition to the information mentioned above Einstein prides itself on the following middle school guidelines: 

  • Provide a systematic approach to a proactive, school-wide discipline based on a Response to Intervention (RtI) model.

2017-18 Wisconsin RtI Center Recognized School

2016 Wisconsin RtI Center School of Distinction - Behavior

2015 Wisconsin RtI Center School of Distinction - Behavior

2014 Wisconsin RtI Center School of Merit - Behavior

  • Create dynamic teacher teams that are afforded common planning time to help organize and improve the quality and quantity of interactions between teachers and students.

  • Provide structured planning time for teachers to align the curriculum across grades and schools and to map efforts that address the academic, developmental, social, and personal needs of students, especially at critical transition periods (e.g., elementary to middle grades, middle grades to high school).

  • Ensure that teachers assess the individual learning needs of students and tailor instructional strategies and multiple assessments accordingly.

  • Entrust teachers with the responsibility of implementing schedules that are flexible enough to accommodate teaching strategies consistent with the ways students learn most effectively and that allow for effective teacher teaming common planning time, and other lesson planning.

  • Institute structural leadership systems that allow for substantive involvement in decision making by students, teachers, family members, and the community, and that support effective communication among these groups.

  • Align all programs and structures so that all social, economic, and racial/ethnic groups have open and equal access to challenging activities and learning.

  • Align the school-wide comprehensive, ongoing professional development program and the Personal Learning Plans (PLPs) of staff members with the requisite knowledge of content, instructional strategies, and student developmental factors.